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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the Family Plan?

To add the Family Plan, click the Subscriptions tab in the bottom navigation.  Select Monthly or Yearly, then double click to subscribe.  Next, go to iPhone Settings, and click your name at the top.  Scroll down to Family Sharing, click + Add Member.  You can add up to four (4) users to each Family Plan for a total of five (5) users.

When will JUST US develop an Android app?

Right now the Just Us app is only available for use on iOS devices. We hope to begin development for Android soon. However, due to the high cost of development, we're attempting to raise funds while also growing the iOS user base to help cover expenses. Please stay tuned.

Why do I receive an error message when trying to download the app?

Please double check your phone’s operating system. The JUST US app is only available for IOS users.

Do designated contacts need the JUST US subscription to receive the live-stream?

No, the primary subscription pays for access to stream to all 5 designated contacts.


However, all users must have an iOS device.

How far of a radius does JUST US Help alert its responder community?

Nearby users who have downloaded the JUST US App within 2 mile radius will be alerted

I’m not receiving the text verification

T-Mobile typically blocks short SMS codes from reaching users. Please contact your service provider to grant access to short SMS codes.

Is my yearly subscription tax deductible?

Yes. JUST US has filed for 501(c)(3) where donations, including subscriptions, will be tax-deductible.

Do I need to share my location with JUST US?

Our team suggests keeping your location on ‘Always’ to provide accuracy for Check In’s and if there is a need for community response.

Why isn't my voice activation working?

Be sure to add the shortcuts to Siri in your JUST US mobile app settings, under "Siri Configuration"

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